Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to College

Meditation is not just for hippies and cultists.
I left high school a while ago, a LOOONG while ago. In that time I have learnt a few things that would have made my college life so much easier if only I leant it earlier.
So here is my list of: Things I wish I knew before going to college

Assumptions are the mother of all …

Every mistake I have made came from two fundamental areas: being selfish and making assumptions. Don’t be afraid and ask questions constantly. By keeping an open mind, you’ll be able to absorb and learn things you never thought possible.

Realise how your actions affect others

Use empathy and put yourself in other peoples’ position before acting. This is a big lesson to learn when you start adulting. You are not an island. You are more like a drop that creates ripples in the world. Be aware of your actions.

Be compassionate towards yourself and others

This is a hard one, we tend to be very tough on ourselves especially when we fail at something. Compassion not only will help you make friends in life but also keep you mentally and physically healthy.

Make goals, write them down and keep them to yourself

No one needs to know what goals you have, smash them in a timeline that works for you and DO NOT BRAG.

Meditation is a useful tool

Being a well balanced, calm human helps a LOT. Breathing techniques taught in meditation is something that you can take anywhere and use at anytime to centre yourself and relax.

Reach out to people working in the industry that you are interested in

We all have an ideal of what we want to do and reality rarely meets that ideal. Chatting to someone who already works in that field will not only give you a very real idea of what it entails but also give you useful tip on studying, finding a job etc.

Take short courses in things that interest you

Whether it is sewing, cooking, lego, dance. If you are interested, find out where you can take a course in it. You will regret not doing it.

Konmari your life

Declutter your life, from your old clothes to people to just stuff that are clogging up your life. People who constantly drag you down, get you into trouble or who are negative are not needed. I do not need them. Now repeat it until it is true.

Keep an open mind

But not so open that your brain falls out 😊 You can learn from the most unexpected places, situations and people. Confining yourself to one mindset and one idea only limits your growth and makes you dumb