Finding the perfect career

Your career is arguably one of the biggest parts of your life and finding the “perfect one” is an extremely daunting process. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but chances are, you will not. The average person will change jobs 12 times in their lifetime without finding the perfect one.

It’s not all doom and gloom though because just because it’s not the perfect job doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it and honestly that’s what the “perfect” job is about. It’s simply the one you enjoy the most, luckily there are ways and means of weeding out what you like or don’t like. You must do it with other things in your life, the cars you like, what you look for in a partner, what style of clothing you like to wear as well as a whole bunch of choices and decision in life.

A good first step to deciding the best career for you is to figure out your priorities. By fulfilling your what is most important to you, it automatically makes you happier. Some people are able to slog through a job that they don’t really enjoy in order to earn the money that they are looking for, while for some people they prefer to be doing what they enjoy extensively even if it means they need to sacrifice income. That’s not to say that money and doing a job you love are mutually exclusive though. You are exceptionally fortunate if you really enjoy your job, and it brings in a lot of money and obviously, that’s first prize. But it leads quite nicely into our next point. If there is no job, create it.

There is always space in the work world for someone who is ambitious and hungry for success, these are traits you need if you are to start your own business or forge your own completely new career path. Along with intense perseverance, because starting something completely new is not something for those of weak will but it can be done. You’ve probably never heard the name Jan Koum, although you definitely have heard the name of his creation and most likely use it every day, WhatsApp. He was born into poverty and decided that his way out was I.T. His skills were so good with a computer, that at the age of 18 he was hired by Yahoo to work as an infrastructure engineer, leading to the creation of WhatsApp, which was bought for 19 billion dollars. All with an idea as simple as, and I quote, (an app) “ which allows people to send messages between mobile phones via the web, regardless of what country they are in.” All off the back of an extremely simple concept of communication. The 2005 movie “Robots” coined the phrase “See a need, fill a need” and that’s exactly what Jan Koum did, and he got rewarded 19 billion dollars for filling that need.

The perfect career in my opinion is a myth. The perfect anything is a myth. Everything takes work, very little in life is served up on a plate ready for you and only you. With 7 billion people on this planet, your chances are tiny. Find something that makes you happy, something that prods you out of bed every day, something that is rewarding enough, just by doing it. Make something perfect as opposed to waiting for it to fall in your lap, that work ethic will make you successful. You never know…maybe you end up as the next Jan Koum.

Dylan Cheytanov