10 Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Private and Public Tertiary Institutions

  1. Do your research! It is up to you to be 100% sure that the college or university that you are applying for has the right qualification for you, whether it is just a domestic qualification or an international qualification.
  2. Do you have the right application dates? All Universities and Private collages have cut of dates for applications. Do your research and make sure you know when the last day you can apply is.
  3. Make sure you know whether they need you to send in a physical application or if you can do it online. Never assume that the one Uni you apply for will have the same process as the other.
  4. Double, triple check that ALL your personal details are correct. This seems like a rather insignificant point, but it makes a big difference.
  5. Have copies of all the supporting documents, like your ID and those of your parents, ready. Some places might even as you to have them certified. This means that you have to take them to the police station (or some banks) with the original documents and have them stamped by an official.
  6. Do you meet the minimum application requirements? Again this seems like a silly thing to say but double checking before you apply gives you peace of mind and might even save you a bunch of money. This leads me to the next point …
  7. Do they have an application fee and how should you pay it? Will an electronic payment be sufficient, or do they need you to go to the bank?
  8. Do you need a letter from your school, a teacher or any other references? You will be surprised what some courses ask for so make sure you know!
  9. Is your application signed in all the right places by all the right people?
  10. Do you need a student loan, a bursary or any other financial aid? Do you know where and how to apply for these and is it all in place with your Uni or College application. It is also great to know which colleges provide student aid.

We wish you all the best of luck with your applications and hope that these tips will help you secure your place.