What is the Rocking Future Roadshow?

With a DJ, videos, music and prizes, this is not your average careers expo!

RockingFuture is an established career expo that has been interacting with SA schools for 15 years. No more aimless meandering through packed halls, hoping to find the right person to talk to. This creative expo incorporates you, the learners, your teachers, 24 private tertiary institutions and companies to give you the information you need to make crucial decisions about your future after you leave school.

We come to your school, during school hours. In the 2 hours we are at your school, you will be introduced to what these private tertiary institutions do as well as interact with them after we have introduced each college or company. We allow plenty of time for you to ask questions and chat to each of the exhibitors.

As an added bonus you will receive a free copy of our Future Guide magazine. It has loads of informative articles as well as more information on the exhibitors and many other private institutions.

You will also get a chance to win some fun prizes, if you have been paying attention to our MC’s. All in all it’s the best career expo you’ll ever attend.

The Rocking Future Roadshow is different from other careers expos because it is interactive, motivating and FUN

Our MC’s are there to guide you through the exhibitors, motivate you for your Matric year and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Because we focus on PRIVATELY owned tertiary education we can cater to everyone, whether you are a creative person or more business minded. We have it all.

What makes the Rocking Future Roadshow unique?

How can you take part in the Rocking Future Roadshow?

If you want your school be a part of the Rocking Future Roadshow, talk to your Life Orientation Teacher.

Beg, plead or petition until you wear them out

We guarantee it is worth it!

What else does 3RC do?

Good question, we are also a certified Birkman assessor and offer life coaching. So if you are feeling lost and you are not sure which direction to take – give us a call to find out more about what these services entails.