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We know how hard it is to get into schools. 3RC takes care of all the calling and administration involved in taking your brand to schools.

Gateway to South African Schools

3RC allows you access to schools and learners in the major metropols that you might not have been able to see on your own.

Put Your Brand Front of Mind

We don’t believe in one avenue. We encourage and facilitate cross platform marketing.

Extensive Research Practices

Over 15 years we have learned how the mind of a young South African works, talk to us about how to talk to the youth.

So what is the Rocking Future Roadshow?

RockingFuture is an established career expo that has been interacting with SA schools for over 15 years. No more aimless meandering through packed halls hoping to find and talk to a learner that is interested in your brand.

All of this takes place at their school during school hours at no cost to the school or learners. The Rocking Future expo targets the top performing schools in South Africa. We contact many schools that fall within our criteria, but select only 250 schools annually to fit into a very tight schedule.

The expo is facilitated by professional presenters and to add to the youthful, vibrant atmosphere, music, giveaways and quiz shows all form part of the show.

Although the atmosphere is young and vibrant the expo is professionally organised and expertly structured to insure maximum effect for all exhibitors involved. During the 90 – 120 minute expo learners experience a wide range of activities that all add up to an unforgettable edutainment experience.

Unlike other career expos, exhibitors at RockingFuture are given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the learners by means of a multimedia presentation or personal introduction. The learners also get ample time to interact with your representative at the shows.

3RC aims to deliver the schools that are most relevant to private institution and thus we concentrate on the ex-Model C schools as well as PRIVATE schools from ISASA.

For this reason, we only allow private institutions that are accredited by the DHET, SAQA and other international regulation bodies. Proof of your accreditation will be requested upon booking for these expos.

In addition to providing an interactive platform for your brand we also publish an annual Future Guide magazine that is given to each of the approximately 30 000 students that we connect with each year. This allows for more than the 24 exhibitors that are part of the Rocking Future Roadshow to benefit from the exposure that we are privileged to have.

So now you are probably asking: Why should I become part of the Rocking Future Roadshow?

How do you become part of the Rocking Future Roadshow experience?

Rocking Future provides a number of different options designed to market your institution in the best way possible. Choose how you want to market by selecting the elements that will portray your institution best.

Rocking Future Roadshow

Future Guide

In addition to the marketing platform provided by the Rocking Future Roadshow and Future Guide Magazine, 3RC also offers data collected from the schools during the roadshow.


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