As parents we wonder which path will be best for our child once they leave school. The big question is: school is finished – what now? What and where to study? Gap year? Which career will be best for him or her?

Understanding what makes your child “tick” helps to understand how she/he learns, thinks, communicates and relates to self and others. Attitude often seems to be the deciding factor not simply skill when it comes to success and happiness in life.

What is the Birkman Test? In a nutshell, it is a powerful behavioural, social perception, and occupational interest assessment that goes much, much deeper than other standard career assessments.

It is taken online (± 40 minutes). With scientifically proven accuracy, the tool can identify behavioural styles (usual productive behaviours), motivations, underlying needs (usually invisible) and stress behaviours.

The benefit for you and your child – The results take the guessing out of the conversation regarding your child’s unique strengths and underlying needs. You will find the best suitable career and workplace options.
You will also be presented with reports on what will best motivate your child, how they react to stress and how to reward them so they feel it. e.g. “Biggest mistakes you can make with your child” or “How to motivate for best performance.”

How is the test taken? The test is taken online, consists of 298 questions and will result in a 32-page report which will be emailed to you.
The price includes a personal feedback session of at least 1 hour with me either personally or via Skype – I am an Internationally Certified Birkman Consultant and a Certified Coach!


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