Building Businesses – For Youngsters

There has never been a better time for young people to think about setting up a business in South Africa. Since 2014, the government has helped new business with a particular focus on young entrepreneurs who’d seek to get their own business up and running. There are an ever increasing range of opportunities for young people and owning a business is undoubtedly a very exciting but very challenging one.

Your Circumstances

There are countless opportunities as to what your business should be. The good news is that this means that you no longer need significant outlay to get your business up and running, largely down to the power of the internet. The costs of getting a website up and running are negligible and when you need extra bandwidth, server space is hardly at a premium. To boot, advice on boosting and growing your business is no longer the reserve of expensive financial advisers. Explore your digital options and you could be reaping the rewards without the need of spending money on premises or other physical business options.


Aside from the government measures mentioned in the opening paragraph above, there are various benefits to you that will bring you on parity with regular workers. First off, the level of support is excellent for young entrepreneurs, with the national government offering advice on opening a business in easy online formats. Furthermore, business owners are statistically more likely to own their house and earn a good salary as well as making at least R500,000 revenue each year.

Green Development

Another aspect of modern businesses is that there is an expectation for businesses to be environmentally-friendly, or green first. Businesses are incorporating green technology in all places possible. What this means for a new business owner is that there is less competition with businesses that are able to employ the huge, classic machineries of business, or use their money to employ more equipment and workers, increasing their carbon footprint.

The Young Stars of Industry

If you’re looking for inspiration, there is plenty to be had in South Africa currently. From Ludwick Marishane, who invented an affordable sanitation system for impoverished areas; to Ezlyn Barends, who is investing in young entrepreneurs across Africa. Essentially, there are plenty of great young entrepreneurs who are blazing the trail and demonstrating that you can get ahead.

Starting your own business can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Small businesses are the status quo these days, and for young people can be the key to getting ahead and making a nest egg for yourself. Use the support and the innovation around you and you can be part of the small business revolution.

This article was written by Jane Sandwood

(thank you for your wonderful insightful writing)