In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. “I have a dream!”

I’ve always had a dream – a dream to be different, a dream to be remembered. A dream to be all I could ever be. As far back as I can recall, my prayer has always been the same; “Use me, God, for a purpose greater than myself.”

We all need a vision for our lives and even as we work to achieve the vision, we must surrender it to the power that is greater than us. The fact of the matter is that God can dream a much bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself. Before I understood that, I used to dream of being rich or even famous. But the universe has a bigger dream for me. Success comes when you surrender to that dream – and let it lead you on to the best place.

“Everyone has the power for greatness not for fame, but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.” This I heard one afternoon on Oprah and as she would put it, I had a light bulb moment. What I know now is that if you want success, you can’t make success your only goal. The key is not to worry about being successful, but to work instead towards being significant… and the success will naturally follow.


When you shift your focus from success to service, your life instantly has more meaning. We live in a world that confuses financial prosperity with success. Strangely enough, I only believed that once I had achieved financial security while climbing the corporate ladder. I woke up one morning feeling empty. I’ve learnt that possessions only have the meaning you give them. All my life, I’d been passing other’s big homes and fancy cars and wondering, “What kind of person do you have to be to have all that?” Now I know that if you’ll just be yourself and follow your calling, success will lay itself before you in ways you never imagined. That doesn’t mean we’re all going to be yachting around the world or driving the newest cars. Real success means creating a life of meaning that fulfils your reason for being here.

Starting today, you can decide to have a life of significance by how you give out yourself to others. The only way to true success is to honour your calling. Have the courage to follow your passion and if you don’t know what it is, realise that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it. It won’t come to you through some special announcement or through a burning bush. Your life’s work is to find your life work – and then to exercise the discipline, tenacity and hard work it takes to pursue it.dreamstime_m_55747516

How do you know you are on the right path, with the right person or in the right job? The same way you when you are not; you feel it. Each of us has a personal call to greatness – and because yours is as unique to you as your fingerprints, no one can tell you what it is.

Ignoring your passion is like dying a slow death. Your life is speaking to you every day, all the time – and your job is to listen up and find clues. Passion whispers to you through your feelings, leading you in the right direction. Pay attention to what make you feel energised, connected, stimulated – what gives you a kick. Do what you love, give it back in the form of service, and you will do more than succeed. You will be used for a purpose greater than yourself…

  • Kay Cheytanov (MD 3RC)