The internet is going crazy, over potato salad.

potato salad kickstarter

The world clearly loves potatoes and mayo!

Zack Danger Brown (we think he made up that middle name) has become an overnight internet sensation after posting a Kickstarter project to make potato salad.

Kickstarter is one of numerous crowdfunding communities that helps inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians and even budding directors get their projects off the ground. People post what they wish to do and request buy in from people like you and me in exchange for “perks”.

The Potato Salad Kickstarter more than likely started off as a joke has become a behemoth on the crowdsourcing community raising 5700 times the amount Zack requested when kicking off the venture.

Perks include Zack sending you a picture of him making the potato salad, backers being allowed to suggest ingredients, a pizza party (unfortunately there will be no potato salad at the pizza party, it’s just a pizza party) and a potato themed hat.

From what we can tell Zack is just an ordinary guy that works for an interactive web agency in Ohio that wanted some potato salad, whether this is a viral gimmick remains to be discovered.

On the other end of the spectrum people from the internet are calling for Zack to donate the money he’s earned to charity, some are saying that it’s disgusting and that people are willing to donate to anything that’s not charity.

We think that it really started out as a joke and that Zack didn’t intend on receiving the ┬ábacking he has but now he has a real logistical problem on his hands. 4000 people have backed his project and will be expecting their potato hats and even their taste of the potato salad Zack plans to make. How he plans on making this all happen remains to be seen but for now we can have a laugh at the guy that wanted some potato salad and became a ce-web-rity over night.

What would you cook to feed 4000 hungry people? Let us know in the comments below.